University of Reading, UK Organized an Online Alumni Lecture – Supporting the vulnerable: COVID’s social impact

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University of Reading, United Kingdom organized a global Online Alumni Lecture – Supporting the vulnerable: COVID’s social impact on 22 April 2021. COVID-19 has caused havoc and upheaval in ways no-one could have foreseen.  University of Reading invited graduates from diverse backgrounds and industries to share their experiences and expertise on how the global pandemic has changed their sectors.

In this panel discussion, University of Reading Vice-Chancellor, Professor Robert Van de Noort, was joined by alumni from the charity sector to discuss the impact of the global pandemic on supporting the vulnerable. Speakers highlighted that COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on the charity sector's ability to operate, however, at the same time, charities have experienced an increase in demand due to the impact of Coronavirus on the vulnerable.

Many of these organizations are now working in the frontline in the fight against the virus, by supporting the homeless, arranging food provision for people unable to put food on the table, and supporting bereaved families suffering loss. President ECOSF Prof. Manzoor Soomro as an alumnus of the University was invited and joined in the webinar.

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