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International Roundtable on ‘The Impact of Extreme Natural Events: Science & Technology for Mitigation (IRENE), Colombo, Sri Lanka, 13-15 December 2017

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An inescapable effect of the climate change is the increase in the occurrence and severity of extreme natural events. To combat with these hazards, the need of the hour is not only to work out appropriate disaster-prevention strategies, but also since the climate change is a reality, call for an ecosystem for development and diffusion of new climate-relevant technologies. This would require preparing a blueprint for crisis managers, community officials and policy makers, which would specify the converging partnerships among the host of stakeholders, find resource requirements for successful programmes and provide a step-by-step demonstration of the disaster-planning process.

With the above in view, the Centre for Science & Technology of the Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries (NAM S&T Centre) in partnership with the National Science & Technology Commission (NASTEC), Sri Lanka and the Research Centre - Technology for Disaster Prevention, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka (RC-TDP, SEUSL) announces the organisation of an International Roundtable on the ‘Impacts of Extreme Natural Events: Science & Technology for Mitigation (IRENE)’ in Colombo, Sri Lanka during 13-15 December 2017. The main objectives of the roundtable, among others, include bringing the stakeholders at national and international levels together to share experience for generating roadmap for reducing the risk in real situations; sending across a message to the policy makers, environmentalists and other related authorities on extreme natural events for the need of a realistic, well-formulated action plan for risk reduction in events occurring due to climate change; and initiating an international Study / Working Group for generating a common action plan, with a primary focus on NAM and other developing countries, for practical risk reduction in severe situations, which can in follow-up be proposed to respective governments for adoption with necessary amendments.

The following may please be noted: 

(a)       The last date for submission of applications is Friday, 10th November 2017. Only limited seats are available for participation in this event. Since a large number of applications are expected, early response is advisable to avoid disappointment.

(b)      Free local hospitality, including accommodation and meals, will be provided by the local organisers to all foreign participants from 12th December 2017 (Noon) to 16th December 2017 (Noon), i.e. for 4 nights commencing from one day before the Roundtable and for an additional day after its conclusion. The participants should arrange their flight schedules accordingly, otherwise  they will have to make their own arrangement of stay beyond these days.

        Transport will also be provided to the participants free of any cost for their airport transfer and local travel in connection with the Roundtable.

(c)       Application for participation in the Roundtable may please be made only to the NAM S&T Centre (E-mail: namstcentre@gmail.com) in the Nomination Form attached with the Announcement, except by those from Sri Lanka.

Applicants from Sri Lanka, however, should send their Nomination Forms directly to RC-TDP, SEUSL with a copy to NASTEC, Sri Lanka.

(d)      It is mandatory for all participants to make a presentation during the Roundtable. Accordingly, an extended abstract (1-2 pages, in MS Word) of the material proposed to be presented during the event must be attached with the Nomination Form, without which the application shall be deemed invalid.

(e)      The selection for attending the Roundtable will be made strictly on the merit of the abstract of the paper to be presented by the applicants during the event, their academic background and professional experience, and interest of their parent organisation in the subject area.

(f)       For applications received from the member countries of the NAM S&T Centre, which are regularly paying their annual subscription: The NAM S&T Centre will provide return international airfare to Colombo, Sri Lanka by Excursion Class by Shortest Route to only one official nominee of each country, whose application is routed through the Focal Point of the NAM S&T Centre in the applicant’s country.

        In this connection, the Focal Points may please note that they may endorse any number of applications, but the NAM S&T Centre will consider only one official nomination for full financial support by the Centre, subject to the availability of seats and the applicant fulfilling all the above stated criteria. The additional nominations from the Focal Points, if any, as well as the applications directly received by the NAM S&T Centre, may also be considered subject to the availability of seats, but such applicants will have to arrange for their international fare and will also be required to pay in advance a Processing Fee of US$400 to the NAM S&T Centre.

(g)      For applications received from the member countries of the NAM S&T Centre defaulting on the payment of their annual dues: Selected nominees of the Focal Points from those of the member countries that are overdue on the payment of their annual subscription and any other selected applicants will make their own arrangement for international travel and will also be required to pay in advance a Processing Fee of US$400 to the NAM S&T Centre.

(h)      For nominations received from the S&T-Industry Network Members of the NAM S&T Centre: The NAM S&T – Industry Network entitles each Network member, which has no outstanding dues against its membership subscription, to get invitation for two nominees each year with full finances paid by the Centre for participation in appropriate activities organised by the Centre. Accordingly, if a Network member has still not fully availed of this privilege and desires to make a nomination for attending this Roundtable, the NAM S&T Centre will provide to and fro international airfare to Colombo by Excursion Class by Shortest Route to such official nominee of the Network member, if selected.

        Any additional nominee(s) of the paying S&T-Industry Network Members, as well as the nominees of those Network Members, which are overdue on the payment of their annual membership subscription, if selected, will make their own arrangement for international travel and will also be required to pay in advance a Processing Fee of US$400 to the NAM S&T Centre. 

(i)        For applicants from the non-member countries and any other applicants in their individual capacity from countries other than Sri Lanka: They may send the completed Nomination Form directly to the NAM S&T Centre. They will be required to pay a Processing Fee of US$400 to the NAM S&T Centre immediately after selection and will also make their own arrangement for international travel.

(j)        Other details are available in the attached Announcement.

(k)       Information on the member countries and S&T-Industry Network members of the NAM S&T Centre and names/addresses of the Focal Points may be seen on the Centre’s website www.namstct.org.

(l)        English will be the official language of the Roundtable.

All correspondence may please be made by email. All documents should be prepared in MS Word Format (or electronically scanned in case of the passport) and sent as attachments to the email. Kindly DO NOT SEND us fax messages or hard copies to save paper and energy.

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