ECOSF holds a Follow-up Meeting with MSRT Officials in Tehran

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President, ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) Prof. Manzoor Hussain Soomro along with Executive Director-Elect Prof. Syed Komail Tayebi and Scientific Officer Engr. Khalil Raza held a follow-up meeting with the Focal Person for ECOSF in the Ministry of Science, Research & Technology (MSRT) of Iran, Dr. Attaaullah Koohian Deputy Director of the Center of International Scientific Cooperation in Tehran on April 24th, 2017. MSRT officials warmly received the ECOSF delegation. Mr. Ali Ghannadi, Expert MSRT and Prof. Alireza Sari of University of Tehran were also present in the meeting on behalf of MSRT.

Purpose of the meeting was to review the progress and updates on various budgetary matters, scholarship grants to ECOSF by the MSRT and to further strengthen the understanding and cooperation between the ECOSF and MSRT. During the meeting, the case of releasing and joining of Dr. Syed Komail Tayebi as Executive Director in ECOSF was also discussed; it was informed that the case is in advanced stages at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for clearances; thus he is expected to join in Islamabad very soon. It was also informed that the MSRT budget contribution to ECOSF and grants approved by ECOSF for conferences in Tehran in 2016 have been approved by the Iranian authorities and should soon be released.

Prof. Soomro appreciated the efforts taken by the MSRT and the Government of Iran for their support to ECOSF in various matters. He also acknowledged that Iran has a rich history of making significant contribution to Science and Technology on a global scale, especially during the Safavid empire. Thus role of Iran will be critical in contributing towards the objectives of ECOSF. And, with strong support of MSRT, ECOSF can strongly pursue its aims and goals. Prof. Soomro assured his full support in scaling up the cooperation between Iran with other ECO member countries in the areas of Science and Technology.

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