ECOSF highlights STI development in an article published in “Reverse Linkage: Development through South-South Cooperation” produced by IsDB

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We are pleased to share that ECOSF has developed strong working collaborations with international and regional organizations with a vision to support the Sustainable Development in the true spirit of South-South Cooperation. The Foundation is proud to partner with many of the most reputable organizations and development partners. ECOSF is especially proud to share collaborating platform with the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) on a number of projects including the promotion of Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) in the ECO region and IDB’s Reverse Linkage Program to build the capacity of partnering ECO member states through transfer of technology and sharing of the best practices. ECOSF has contributed to the Publication on “Reverse Linkage: Development through South-South Cooperation”, produced by the Islamic Development Bank. This publication exemplifies the initiatives and contributions of ECOSF entitled “ECO Science Foundation – a catalyst for promoting Science Technology & Innovation in the ECO region”. This publication showcase the significant contribution of ECOSF towards the promotion of Sustainable Development and highlights key initiatives undertaken to achieve its intended goals of promotion of Science, Technology and Innovation in the ECO region.

Reverse Linkage - Reverse Linkage

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