President ECOSF Engages in Bilateral Meeting with Director of CAREC Institute

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Beijing, July 06, 2023 - President ECOSF, Prof. Seyed Komail Tayebi held a productive bilateral meeting with Mr. Kabir Jurazoda, Director of the CAREC Institute, at the Zi Yu Hotel in Beijing. The meeting focused on discussing future collaboration and partnership opportunities between ECOSF and the CAREC Institute.

During the meeting, President ECOSF and Mr. Jurazoda explored potential areas of cooperation, including joint research projects, knowledge sharing initiatives, and capacity-building programs. Both parties expressed their commitment to promoting scientific and technological advancements in the ECO Region through collaborative efforts.

The meeting concluded with a shared understanding of the importance of fostering regional partnerships to address common challenges and leverage opportunities for sustainable development. President ECOSF and Mr. Jurazoda expressed their eagerness for future collaboration and affirmed their commitment to work together towards mutual goals.

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