ECOSF hosted Delegation from Chinese Embassy in Pakistan to enhance scientific collaboration amongst China and ECO Member Countries

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ECOSF hosted a Two Member Delegation from the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan on April 18, 2023. The meeting served as an opportunity to introduce the new Science Counsellor, Mr. Yin Shengxin at the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, while acknowledging the valuable contributions of the outgoing Science Counsellor, Mr. Cao Zhouhua, who was due to retire.

The meeting commenced with a warm welcome from President ECOSF to the delegates, emphasizing the robust collaboration that ECOSF has established with Chinese Science and Technology Institutions. President ECOSF acknowledged the pivotal role played by Mr. Cao Zhouhua in fostering and strengthening the partnership between ECOSF and China.

Throughout his tenure, Mr. Cao Zhouhua has been instrumental in promoting dialogue, knowledge exchange, and collaborative projects in the field of science and technology. His expertise and deep understanding of the subject matter have facilitated the implementation of joint initiatives between ECOSF and Chinese institutions, ultimately benefiting the ECO Member Countries.

Mr. Yin Shengxin expressed his gratitude to Prof. Tayebi and conveyed his eagerness to work closely with ECOSF in further enhancing collaboration in Science and Technology between China and the member countries of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO). This meeting showcased the continuation of cooperation and the willingness to strengthen scientific and technological ties between China, ECOSF, and the ECO Member Countries.

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