President ECOSF Participated in National Youth Policy Dialogue on Climate Change

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Pakistan's First National Youth Policy Dialogue on Climate Change was organized by SDGs Academy in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme, COMSATS University, and the International Human Rights Commission on September 13, 2023, at Marriott Hotel in Islamabad.

A large number of students from schools and colleges, teachers, and researchers participated in the event from all over Pakistan. Youngsters came up with innovative, workable, and creative ideas to make the country green and clean. On behalf of ECOSF, President Prof. Dr. Seyed Komail Tayebi participated in the event.

Prof. Tayebi also met with Chairman and Founder of SDGs Academy Mr. Ammar Jaffri and Ms. Nelam Pari, Chief Operating Officer of the Academy. The discussion of President ECOSF was based on the impacts of climate change in the world with special focus on ECO region.

Weather extremes and climate change are directly affecting humanity globally. Last year, Pakistan was hit by severe floods and before that, the deadly heat wave of Sindh claimed thousands of lives in Pakistan. To counter this menace of climate, change the government and private sector along with non-profit organizations are working on the issue.

In this context, the dialogue was one of the endeavors made by the private sector alongside NGOs working on curbing the factors affecting our climate and environment.

Experts think that it is high time that the world should tackle climate change. Old and depreciated transport, industrial and agriculture waste and gasses, increasing residential schemes on green fertile lands and cutting forest and mountain to build hotels and residential projects is causing havoc for our environment. In Pakistan, with a few health resources it is impossible to manage increasing health issues relating to climate change and environmental pollution.

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