President ECOSF's Diplomatic Engagement with Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

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The President ECOSF visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in Iran. The meeting involved discussions with Dr. Seyed Jalaledin Alavi Sabzevari, Director General of International Organizations Affairs at MFA, and Mr. Abulqhasem Tahmasebi, Director for ECO and Multilateral Economic Cooperation at MFA.

The meeting provided a platform to review and discuss the progress of Iran's financial contribution to ECOSF and the associated arrangements for an upcoming trip to Azerbaijan.

President ECOSF also took the opportunity to brief Dr. Sabzevari and Mr. Tahmasebi on the one-year activities and programs undertaken by ECOSF. This comprehensive overview included the foundation's achievements, initiatives, and its impact on regional scientific and technological advancement. The discussions also played a vital role in aligning efforts for the successful realization of ongoing initiatives and future endeavors.

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