Meeting between President ECOSF and Iranian Authorities to Discuss Iran Korea Forum on Tourism for Sustainable Development

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President ECOSF Prof. Seyed Komail Tayebi held a meeting with Dr. Imani Khoushkhoo, a Member of the Supreme Council of Cultural Heritage & Tourism and the President of Iranian Cultural and Creative Industries Park on February 22, 2023 to discuss the upcoming Iran Korea Cooperation Forum on Tourism for Sustainable Development.

During the meeting, both parties discussed the arrangements and preparations for Iran Korea Cooperation Forum on Sustainable Tourism, which is being planned to schedule in Kish Island, Iran. They also talked about the importance of sustainable tourism and how it can help to promote economic growth, preserve cultural heritage, and protect the environment.

Prof. Tayebi expressed his appreciation for the support provided by the Iranian authorities for the forum and highlighted the significance of such initiatives for promoting international cooperation and collaboration in the region. He emphasized the role of ECOSF in providing technical and scientific support to its Member Countries in various fields, including tourism and sustainable development. Both sides will collaborate to hold jointly the conference in contribution with Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) by focusing on marine tourism, public tourism diplomacy, business tourism and other related subjects.

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