President of ECOSF called upon Chairman of Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan to promote quality higher education in the ECO region

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Islamabad, September 4, 2023 – President of the ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF), Prof. Seyed Komail Tayebi held a meeting and engaged in constructive discussions with the Chairman of HEC, Prof. Mukhtar Ahmed and other prominent stakeholders. The primary aim of this high-profile gathering was to enhance collaboration between HEC Pakistan and universities within Pakistan and the 10 Member Countries of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) in areas of shared interest.


Alongside Prof. Mukhtar Ahmed, other participants included Mr. Awais Ahmad, Executive Director of HEC; Prof. Dr. G. Raza Bhatti, Vice Chancellor of Shaikh Ayaz University; Mr. Khalil Raza, Programme Manager at ECOSF; and Mr. Rabeel Bhatti, Manager of Global Engagement at HEC.

During the meeting, Prof. Mukhtar Ahmed reaffirmed his commitment to strengthening cooperation between HEC and ECOSF, offering full support for collaborative initiatives. Prof. Tayebi commended Prof. Mukhtar's leadership and acknowledged HEC's dedication to promoting quality higher education.

The meeting focused on five priority areas for collaboration:

  1. Science & Technology Parks Development: ECOSF proposed leveraging the knowledge and expertise of ECO member countries, particularly Iran, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan, to assist HEC in developing science and technology parks in Pakistan. This collaboration aims to foster innovation and technology-driven growth.
  2. Consortium of ECO Scientific Institutions: The idea of establishing a consortium of ECO universities and scientific institutions focused on Clean Energy, Water, Agriculture, Health, Business Environment, and Digital Technologies was discussed to encourage interdisciplinary research and knowledge sharing.
  3. Faculty and Student Exchange Programs: Both organizations explored opportunities for faculty and student exchange programs, including scholarships, fellowships, short visits, and collaborative research projects to enhance academic excellence, cross-border cooperation, and cultural diversity among ECO member countries.
  4. ECO Trade and Technology Expo and Conference (TTEC): ECOSF's plan to host the Trade and Technology Expo and Conference in 2024 was presented, offering a unique platform for academia, businesses, technology companies, start-ups, research organizations, and government agencies from ECO member countries to showcase innovations. HEC was invited to be a strategic partner in organizing and promoting this event.
  5. Climate Change Education: ECOSF's expertise in Climate Change Education and Mitigation was discussed, with the intention of partnering with HEC to disseminate the Climate Change Education framework within Pakistani universities and other scientific institutions.

This meeting marked a crucial step towards advancing education, research, and innovation in Pakistan and the ECO region. Both organizations demonstrated their commitments to advance collaborative efforts that will contribute to sustainable development and regional integration, addressing shared challenges on a broader scale.

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