21st International Conference of IAS (Islamic World Academy of Sciences) October 7-10, 2017, Konya, Turkey.

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21st International Conference of IAS (Islamic World Academy of Sciences) is being organized by Islamic World Academy of Science (IAS) in collaboration with ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) from October 7-10 October 2017 in Konya, Turkey. Around 160 participants are expected to attend this international activity including IAS Fellows and invited

Speakers from outside Turkey. A number of Turkish participants will be invited to participate. Following are the objectives of the conference:

  1. To discuss the evolving role of universities, in research and development in particular;
  2. To further understand how the  OIC STI community views  sustainable development, as expressed by the SDGs, and identify sectoral teething problems that can generally impede sustainable development;
  3. To explore the role that could be/is played by science, technology and innovation (STI) community in achieving the SDGs. This, to envision how sustainable  development  agendas  can  be  assimilated  into  national  political  agendas  and  national policies;
  4. To discuss the key areas of public health and higher education in some selected OIC countries to draw possible  lessons relevant to  other  developing  countries,  while  showcasing  some  of  the  international successes in such domains.

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