ECOSF contributed to the 2nd International Seminar on Climate Change Education, hosted by OCE France

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The Office for Climate Education organized the 2nd  International Seminar on Climate Change Education from September 12th to 15th, 2023 in Paris, France. This event brought together a multitude of stakeholders, such as international development banks, foundations, ministries or NGOs from all regions of the world, engaged in the implementation of climate change education (CCE). On behalf of ECOSF, Mr. Khalil Raza, Programme Manager, Energy and Climate participated in the event.

On Tuesday, 12th September 2023, participants gathered at the prestigious Fondation Simone et Cino Del Duca - Institut de France in Paris, a fitting setting to launch this event which aims to promote and implement climate change education on a global scale. The seminar began with a warm welcome from Eric Guilyardi, President of the OCE, followed by an enlightening presentation from Sophie Szopa, Research director and Vice-President Sustainable Development at Paris-Saclay University, on the latest publications of the IPCC. All panel discussions were skillfully moderated by Dorothée Moisan, a journalist and author specializing in climate and environmental issues. Various topics were addressed during this first day, in particular the role of national and international institutions and actors from the philanthropic world in the implementation and acceleration of climate change education (CCE). 

The panelists included Coralie Noël from the Ministry of National Education and Youth, Jun Morohashi from UNESCO and Musa Garba Maitafsir from the National Institute of Teachers in Kenya who took part in the first roundtable discussing the role of national and international institutions in the development of climate change education. 

During the second roundtable, the doctors Nina Smidt of Siemens Stiftung, and Deb L. Morrison of the University of Washington alongside Vivian Puerta Guerra of the EPM Foundation (Empresas Públicas de Medellín) engaged in a discussion on the following topic: How can philanthropic partners contribute to accelerating the implementation of climate change-related education?

The rest of the seminar took place at La Bergerie de Villarceaux, featuring three intensive days of workshops exploring the fundamentals of climate change education to gain practical knowledge on a range of crucial topics:

  • Understanding inquiry-based science pedagogy approaches through Thematic Workshops on the Greenhouse Effect, Ocean and the Cryosphere.
  • Exploring human and social scienceswithin the context of CCE with a focus on the notion of eco-anxiety.
  • Crafting positive narratives for climate action. 
  • Navigating the intersections of global citizenship and CCE through intercultural dialogue and workspace.
  • Defining quality CCE and exploring effective evaluation methods through discussions and debates. 
  • Engaging in strategic planning workshopsat the conclusion of various workshops and discussions held during the seminar. 

It is important to highlight that ECOSF is developing a Climate Change Education module for Science Teachers with funding support of InterAcademy Partnership on Science Education Program (IAP SEP) and piloted this module in collaboration with UNESCO. This event aligns well with this ECOSF’s initiative of promoting capacity development of science teachers in Pakistan and other ECO Member Countries. 

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