LAMAP’s 9th International Seminar on Science in School held at Sevres-Paris

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9th International Seminar on Science in School based on Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) approach was held in Paris-France from 18-23 June 2018. The Seminar was organized by La main a la pate (LAMAP) Foundation of France as its annual feature since 2010. In the seminar, 44 participants from 20 different countries including 4 participants from two ECO countries (Pakistan and Azerbaijan) attended the seminar. President EC Science Foundation Prof. Dr. Manzoor H. Soomro partially sponsored by the Embassy of France in Pakistan was invited to share ECOSF experiences of IBSE-LAMAP implementation in the ECO Regions. The Ambassador of France in Pakistan H.E. Mr. Marc Barety along with the Cultural Councelor of the Embassy also attended the opening ceremony of the seminar.

The seminar was opened by Prof. M. Daniel ROUN, President of LAMAP at the Headquarters of the Institute de France/Academy of Sciences on 18 June 2018. He welcomed all the distinguished guests and wished a great experience ahead. Afterward, President of the Academy of Sciences Prof. Sébastien Candel spoke to the participants and made a presentation on the activities of the Academy. Subsequently, a senior official from the Ministry of Education of France made a speech. Finally a professor from the Osborne University of Pakistan made a key note presentation on Climate Change and the need for public education. The founding members, senior officials of LAMAP, Ambassador of France to Pakistan also attended the opening ceremony. The Institute has a rich history which was established in 1795 and it has five Academies (Academy of Sciences, Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Humanities, Academy of French Language and Academy of Moral and Political Sciences), two Divisions and five Missions which are actively contributing to the society locally and internationally. LAMAP is patronized by Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Education of France.

The purpose of the workshop was to raise the awareness of inquiry based science education and its implementation in the educational system through the professional development of teachers. Sharing free methodological and scientific resources developed by LAMAP for teachers and trainers was also the objective of the workshop. The workshop provided an opportunity to lay the foundation for future long-term projects between LAMAP and the participating countries which can foster international cooperation as well as sharing of IBSE experiences from different parts of the world. The intercultural adaptation of the approach and contents of each country was also a significant outcome.

President ECOSF also made a presentation entitled, “Implementation of IBSE in the Developing World- Challenges and Strategies” with emphasis on implementation of IBSE in ECO region. In his presentation, he highlighted the difficulties in IBSE implementation in the developing world and the ways and strategies to redress those. President ECOSF also shared that the environment and systems of developing countries are different from the developed countries, thus, the challenges for implementation of IBSE faced by the developing countries are totally different. Thus the strategies for promoting IBSE in those countries would have to be developed accordingly.

During the workshop, the participants were taken to visit the school system to witness the implementation of IBSE approach of  La main a la pate Foundation in live classes, in a suburb of Paris. LAMAP has developed pilot centres and houses of science in different parts of France for facilitation of IBSE implementation in the classes. One of the pilot centers equipped with a range of scientific materials/projects being used in the classes was also visited by the participants.  The Pilot Centres help schools to establish scientific laboratories and train the teachers with the support of local administration. The teachers can borrow scientific material from the Centres to conduct any scientific activity in the school.

The experts of LAMAP made some fine presentations covering the aspects of IBSE methodology development, training, implementation, etc. The group discussions, exercises and small projects were performed/made focusing on the inquiry based science education (IBSE) in schools. The participants studied and learnt a well thought framework of science inquiry prepared by LAMAP which covers six main phases i.e. Discuss, Debate, Cooperate, Record, Reflect and Share.

A poster presentation on IBSE by each participating country was also arranged. A cultural show sharing the variety of traditional dishes/sweets was also the part of the workshop which was attend and greatly enjoyed by all the participants.


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