President ECOSF hosted Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran in Pakistan to discuss the potential ways to promote STI in Iran and ECO region

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Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran in Pakistan, H.E. Mohammad Ali Hosseini visited the ECOSF  Secretariat and held a meeting with President ECOSF Prof. Seyed Komail Tayebi in Islamabad on January 11, 2023. President ECOSF Prof. Tayebi warmly welcomed the Ambassador Hosseini to the ECOSF. Ms. Zahra Ghayanloo, Second Secretary, Embassy of I.R. of Iran also accompanied the Ambassador during the meeting.


Prof. Tayebi appreciated and underlined the important role of Government of Iran towards its strategic support to the ECOSF. Prof. Tayabi underscored that ECOSF has a tremendous potential to provide support to Iran as its important Member State. ECOSF could play a vital role by facilitating partnerships between universities, research institutions, and private businesses, amongst Iran and other Member States to help ensure that the results of scientific research are translated into practical applications for the ECO region.


During the meeting, Engr. Khalil Raza presented the briefing to H.E. Iranian Ambassador on various ongoing programmes and future plans or initiatives of the ECOSF to strengthen Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in the ECO, particularly for Iran. In his presentation, Mr. Raza highlighted some of the significant science education and training programs that have been focused on Iran towards development of a skilled workforce in science, technology, and innovation.


H.E. the Ambassador Hosseini congratulated and appreciated Prof. Tayebi for his leadership and vision to promote the STI in the ECO region and affirmed all his support to help Foundation reach its full potential for shared goals and benefits. He concluded that the Government of Iran has high priority for promoting science, technology, and innovation which requires a comprehensive and coordinated effort, academia, industry, and the collaborative institution such as the ECOSF.

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