President ECOSF called upon the Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Islamabad

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President ECOSF Prof. Seyed Komail Tayebi called upon the Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Islamabad H.E. Mr. Yerzhan KISTAFIN at the Embassy. He was warmly welcomed by the Ambassador during his first maiden to the Embassy.


During the meeting, Prof. Tayebi made a brief introduction of ECOSF and said that the main objective of the Foundation is to promote and support scientific activities and scientific communities in ECO region leading to economic development. Prof. Tayebi further shared that so far Kazakhstan had signed the Chart of ECOSF but not ratified it, thus, he requested the Ambassador to pursue his Government to ratify the Charter and its Additional Protocol which will definitely benefit Kazakhstan to actively participate in decision making and other programmes of the Foundation. Prof. Tayebi further said that Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) play critical role for the development of any country. In this context, the role of ECOSF being a specialized agency on science becomes pivotal for the region. He also shared the ongoing and future activities of ECOSF. He further shared that ECOSF also provides support to develop networking and collaboration among the institutes/organizations of ECO countries in STI. The Foundation has diverse programmes such as IBSE, Capacity Development, Climate Change, Engineering Qualification, Green Campuses and many others and Kazakhstan can take full benefit of those by ratifying the Charter and its Additional Protocol.

President ECOSF further said that ECOSF has planned to organize a “Technology and Trade Exhibition and Conference (TTEC)” in the coming month of October 2024. He also said the Foundation aims to host this conference and exhibition as its flagship and regular programmes to provide an opportunity for the Member Countries to explore new trade and investment opportunities and strengthen existing partnerships. The conference components of this event can provide a forum for academia, government officials, industry leaders, S&T professionals, and experts to discuss and exchange ideas on how to promote sustainable economic growth, regional integration and address pressing challenges in the ECO region. The TTEC would essentially provide a platform for universities, businesses, technology companies, organizations from the Member Countries to showcase their latest scientific knowledge, technologies, products, and services in terms of networking and match-making to learn from each other with a grand vision to strengthen cooperation in their interested areas of the specific activities. The President ECOSF finally hoped that Kazakhstan would participate to the TTEC actively and supportively.  

Excellency Mr. KISTAFIN thanked President ECOSF for the briefing about ECOSF and its programmes. He assured his maximum possible support for pursing the request of ratification with his Government and realization of the programmes of the Foundation. He proposed a visit of President ECOFF to Kazakhstan to interact with the relevant ministries and authorities on the matter. The Ambassador also agreed that without STI, achievement of sustainable development is impossible, hence, the role of ECOSF in the field of STI is very much important and well appreciated.

Overall, this meeting signifies a potential enhancement in scientific and technological cooperation within the ECO region, with Kazakhstan poised to play a more active role in ECOSF, thereby contributing to and benefiting from the collective efforts towards sustainable development.

At the end, President ECOSF invited the Ambassador to visit the Secretariat of ECOSF which was accepted with pleasure.

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