Call for Applications: Creative Resilience - Art by Women in Science

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UNESCO is organizing an exhibition to showcase the artistic works by women of science, on the reaction to and fight against the pandemic of Covid-19. The artworks capture both pain and hope and provide a new reading of societies that are slowly emerging from the pandemic.

This exhibit invites applications from women ONLY. All women in science, working as - scientists, researchers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, engineers, architects, or in any other STEM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), from around the world, and from all ages, who wish to showcase their artwork about the pandemic at an international exhibition are invited to apply.

The exhibition is open to all kinds of artwork related to the pandemic, whether digital or physical, such as paintings or other artistic images, photographs, sculptures, posters or any other diverse, innovative and original artworks. If the art is of a non-digital format, photographs of the artwork can be submitted as part of the application.

Last Date for submission of application - 9th August 2021

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