President ECOSF Explores Collaboration Opportunities with BOE Technology Group

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Beijing, July 06, 2023 - President ECOSF, Prof. Seyed Komail Tayebi visited the Exhibition and Innovation Center of BOE (BEST ON EARTH) Technology Group in Beijing while accompanied by Dr. Di Yuna and Dr. Emma Han from BTBU, as well as Mr. Liang, a Masters student at the Beijing Technology and Business University (BTBU).

BOE Technology Group Co Ltd is an investment holding company that operates in various segments including display devices, Internet of Things innovation, sensing technology, MLED technology, smart medical and industrial solutions, and others.

During the visit, discussions centered on exploring collaboration opportunities between ECOSF and BOE Technology Group. The potential collaboration would facilitate technology transfer and promote innovative activities, fostering advancements in various sectors in the ECO Member Countries.

The visit highlighted the shared commitment to harnessing the power of technology and innovation to drive sustainable development and economic growth within the ECO Region.

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