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Call for input regarding the organization of work of the seventh session of the Plenary (by 1 June 2018)

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The IPBES Plenary, at its 6th session, held from 18 to 24 March 2018 in Medellin, Colombia, decided that the 7th session of the Plenary will be held from Monday, 29 April to Saturday, 4 May 2019 in Paris, France (decision IPBES-6/3).
At its 7th session, the Plenary will be invited to consider the global assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services. The Plenary will also conduct regular elections for the membership of the Bureau and receive a report from the Executive Secretary on the implementation of the first work programme. Furthermore, the Plenary will receive the final report on the review of IPBES at the end of its work programme and will be invited to consider and approve a strategic framework up to 2030 and elements of the work programme of IPBES.
The Bureau had suggested that the consideration of the global assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services take place in a plenary setting, rather than in a contact group. In light of that suggestion, the 7th session was scheduled over six days, from Monday to Saturday.
In response to a request by the Plenary, secretariat would like to invite members and observers that are allowed enhanced participation in accordance with decision IPBES-5/4, to provide, by 1 June 2018, written comments on the draft organization of work of the 7th session of the Plenary by email to the secretariat: secretariat@ipbes.net


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