The Ban Ki-Moon Centre in collaboration with Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy organized a webinar on CLIMATE JUSTICE 4 ALL

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The Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy in collaboration the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens jointly hosted the webinar on "Climate Justice 4 All" May 25, 2021.

Climate Justice 4 All is an approach to Intersectional and Feminist Climate Action aiming to empower activists, academia, policymakers, and civil society in using climate advocacy and implementation strategies in the framework of the SDGs through an intersectional feminist lens. The webinar focused on knowledge exchange, joint learning, the creation of safe spaces, and networking. The idea behind holding this webinar was to open the floor to as many people as possible so that they can be heard, but also, to make people aware of topics they usually avoid or are simply not aware of.

Together with former Irish president and climate justice advocate Mary Robinson and Ugandan activist, feminist and environmentalist Dorothy Nalubega, discussed as how to implement international climate agreements with an intersectional feminist approach, challenge the climate crisis as a parameter for conflict and migration and ways for Feminist Foreign Policy as means to rebalance power inequalities in the fight against climate change.

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