ECOSF participated in a virtual event by International Science Council on COVID-19 - From Recovery to Sustainability

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The International Science Council (ISC) organized an online event on January 25-26, 2020 on “COVID-19 – From?Recovery?to Sustainability and pathways to a post-COVID World”. The purpose of organizing this event was to underline the significant role of science for recovering for recovering better from the COVID-19 crisis. To address this challenge, ISC partnered with the United Nations to develop the Research Roadmap for the COVID-19 Recovery. This roadmap provides a framework for leveraging the power of science in support of a better socio-economic recovery and a more equitable, resilient and sustainable future.

On behalf of ECOSF, its President Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro and Engr. Khalil Raza, Scientific Officer participated in the event.

Ms. Alison Meston the ISC Communications Director moderated the session. While, Dr. Steven Hoffman Scientific Director, Institute of Population & Public Health, Canadian Institutes of Health Research was the speaker during the first session held on January 25, 2020 who led the development of the UN Research Roadmap for the COVID-19 Recovery. 

Dr. Hoffman emphasized that the complex challenges and opportunities associated with the COVID-19 recovery process require robust research and science ecosystems that are equipped to investigate and help manage interdependencies.

He presented five science strategies for better recovery:

Data infrastructure for organizations, policies, processes, systems and technologies involved in the collection, storage, management, oversight, distribution and use of data.

Implementation of science to the study of methods and strategies to promote the uptake of effective interventions into practices, programs and policies.

Rapid learning systems for using the best available evidence and local data to inform decisions and commit to learn from their experiences as quickly as possible so as to enable continuous improvements and to contribute to the global evidence base.

Knowledge mobilization to promote the use of research evidence to inform choices and generate positive impacts.

Science of science to recognize as to how research is funded, practiced and evaluated, and how research cultures and systems can be made more efficient, open, inclusive and impactful.

Bouncing Forward Sustainably: Pathways to a post-COVID world

On January 26, 2020, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and the International Science Council (ISC), brought together experts from all over the world through the IIASA-ISC Consultative Science Platform “Bouncing Forward Sustainably: Pathways to a post-COVID world”.

This consultative science platform serves as a global hub for consultation, deliberation, and collaboration among scientists, policymakers, and representatives from civil society around four key interconnected themes: Governance for Sustainability, Strengthening Science Systems, Resilient Food Systems, and Sustainable Energy.

The virtual event presented a synthesis of the four thematic reports produced as part of the IIASA–ISC Consultative Science Platform and presented eight recommendations that have the potential to enable systemic transformations and structural changes. Operationalizing these recommendations would facilitate a more sustainable and resilient future for humanity, as the world recovers from COVID-19.

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