COVID 19 in the ECO Region: impact, status of health care and ICT infrastructure, and response by the Member States

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ECOSF contributed to the Asian Research Policy (ARP) journal 2020 with an insightful article entitled COVID 19 in the ECO Region: impact, status of health care and ICT infrastructure, and response by the Member States”

The article highlights as to how the Member Countries have responded to the outbreak of this pandemic. It also reveals how COVID-19 has exposed the fragile limits of healthcare facilities and infrastructures around the world. The report also highlights as to how the COVID-19 outbreak may create significant additional pressure on an already overburdened health system in the Member Countries. The complete 2020 edition of ARP journal and the ECOSF’s contribution can be downloaded from the following links:

The Foundation therefore considers it as the high time that ECO Member Countries make strong commitment to invest significantly more resources in Science, Technology and Innovation, particularly in health and science education, so that they are adequately prepared to prevent unforeseen daunting challenges of the future.

ECOSF is delighted to report that Foundation joined as the Member Institute of the ARP editorial board in 2020, which is hosted by Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning (KISTEP). The Foundation encourages STI experts in ECO member Countries to write and share with us their articles for publication in ARP journal. It is pertinent to mention that prior to joining this editorial board, ECOSF had joined as a founder member of Asian STI Think Tanks Network (ASTN) that was launched during the 1st Asian Innovation Forum in 2015. Right from the very beginning, ECOSF has been actively participating in the joint initiatives and activities by the ASTN.

ECOSF has also co-organized a couple of sessions on critical themes of Green Innovation and Sustainable Development during the Asian Innovation Forums. Through these collaborative efforts and initiatives, the Foundation brought together experts, scientists and governments to create a shared understanding of the role of governments, academia and business to promote green innovation and productive growth in Asia to achieve a sustainable future. The Foundation remains keen to assist any Member State in the matter.

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