ECOSF Participated in a Webinar on “Covering Climate and the Environment” organized by Knight Science Journalism at MIT

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Knight Science Journalism at MIT organized a webinar “Covering Climate and the Environment” on 20 May 2021.  The Webinar was moderated by Neela Benerjee, Supervising Climate Editor, NPS and she was joined by Fenwick Montaigne, a senior editor at Yale Environment 360, and Lyndsey Gilpin, founder and editor-in-chief of the award-winning magazine, Southerly. Hosted by Joshua Hatch, co-editor of the Knight Science Journalism Science Editing Handbook.

The webinar provided an illuminating crash course in climate reporting. A large number of researchers, scholars, experts, climate scientists etc. attended the event. On behalf of ECOSF, President Soomro Participated in the webinar Series. Speakers talked about the urgency of the climate crisis — and how to tell stories that resonate.

Speakers emphasized the importance of covering local climate stories, politicians, and the private sector, focusing on how climate change affects people, and situating stories within the context of global changes and the unprecedented rate at which these changes are occurring. Panelists also talked about the importance of taking a collaborative and intersectional approach to climate and environmental reporting. However, experts cautioned against sensationalizing developments in climate research.

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