President ECOSF called upon the Deputy of 1st Vice Present of Iran

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President ECOSF Prof. Tayebi called upon H.E. Dr. Hamid Padash, the Deputy of 1st Vice President of Iran for Economic and Infrastructure Coordination, Islamic Republic of Iran in Tehran on February 21, 2023. The meeting was aimed at discussing the budgetary challenges faced by the Foundation and seeking the government's support in transferring the ECOSF budget from Iran to the Foundation.

During the meeting, President Tayebi highlighted the importance of science, technology, and innovation for the development of the ECO region and the need for continued support from the Government of Iran in this regard. He informed the Dr. Padash about the challenges faced by ECOSF due to the delay in the transfer of its Mandatory Budgetary Contributions from I.R of Iran. The ECOSF President also announced a plan of holding a regional conference on a survey of economic relations enhancement in the ECO region in 2023.

Dr. Padash expressed his appreciation for the Foundation's efforts in promoting scientific and technological cooperation among the ECO Member Countries. He assured President Tayebi of his support in resolving the budgetary challenges faced by ECOSF.

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