ECOSF participated in a webinar on Disaster Risk Reduction, Reflection of the Past and the Present

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UNESCO in collaboration with UNDP Accelerator Lab – Indonesia and U-Inspire Alliance organized a webinar on “Disaster Risk Reduction, Reflection of the Past and the Present” on June 25, 2021. The objective of holding this session was to reminisce and discuss what was envisioned in the past about the present disaster risk reduction (DRR) and resiliency. The experts sought to understand and learn from disaster experts of the 1st World Conference on Natural Disaster held in Yokohama (1994) with the 10 strategies for a safer world, The Hyogo framework of action (2005-2015) with the five specific priorities for Action, and the Sendai Framework for DRR (2015-2030) with the seven targets and four priorities for action. The discussion during the webinar centered around as to what and how they envisioned the future at that time, what did and did not materialize at the present, and how and why they think it works or failed. The outcome of this webinar underlining the understanding on future thinking based on lessons learnt from Yokohama, Hyogo, and Sendai on how decision in the past reached the DRR achievements.

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