ECOSF participated in the E-Conference on Education Policy 2021

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The University of Education in Lahore- Pakistan organized a four-day E-Conference on Education Policy 2021 from 19-22 January 2021. The University of Education being one of the unique institutes of teacher education in the country is at frontline to help ministry in formulating a comprehensive policy document with a maj or focus on national cohesion and harmony across religious and ethnic divides which is essential for the context of Pakistan. The objective of this conference was to highlight and generate a meaningful debate on the prospects and challenges of Education Policy 2021.

Eminent educationists from all over Pakistan representing various universities participated in the conference as keynote speakers. On behalf of ECOSF, its President Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro who has been promoting Inquiry Based Science Education pedagogy for teachers in Pakistan over last decade, participated in the conference. Experts underscored that firm and coherent education policy is direly needed in the country which can be the bedrock for taking innovative steps in the system. There was largely a consensus among the experts that the education should be inclusive, equitable and with a focus on lifelong learning.

In his opening remarks, the Punjab Higher Education Commission Chairman Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid underlined that the Education Policy 2021 should be on how to bring out of school children in the schools, the establishment of new educational institutions, development of infrastructure, and training of teachers and quality education along with quantity.

Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha, Vice-Chancellor University of Education Lahore emphasized that the education plays the most vital role in the social and economic development for any nation. He proposed to formulate a vibrant education policy while keeping in view our existing strengths, competitiveness and our future aspirations. There must be one door admission policy for all children to observe Right to Education Act in the country with equitable opportunities to address these groups of out of school children.

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