Strengthening Scientific Collaboration: President ECOSF Visits ANAS President

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Prof. Seyed Komail Tayebi, President of the ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF), conducted a strategic visit to the Azerbaijani National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) on October 8, 2023 engaging in high-level discussions with ANAS President, Academician, Prof. Jesus Habibbagli.


Academician Prof. Jesus Habibbagli highlighted ANAS's successful collaborations on the global stage, emphasizing the institution's commitment to international scientific partnerships, including its ongoing collaboration with ECOSF.

President Tayebi expressed ECOSF's steadfast interest in fostering a lasting scientific partnership with Azerbaijan. He encouraged active involvement from Azerbaijani scientists in ECOSF initiatives, aligning with the foundation's mandate to advance science, technology, and innovation. Both leaders reaffirmed their commitment to continuous scientific discussions, identifying strategic focal points for future collaboration.

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