President ECOSF and INSF President Forge Collaboration in Science, Technology, and Innovation

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President ECOSF, Prof. Tayebi, held a productive meeting with Dr. Ali Mohammad Soltani, President of the Iran National Science Foundation (INSF) on October 4, 2023. The focus of the discussion centered on bilateral collaboration in joint research projects encompassing science, technology, and innovation.


INSF, as a pivotal government agency in Iran supporting fundamental research and education, committed to funding the Iranian side of collaborative projects involving partners within the ECO region. This funding mechanism aims to bolster collaborative research efforts in various scientific domains.

Both parties reached a consensus on the key areas of interest for joint research projects. These areas include Biotechnology and Nanotechnology, Water Studies, Environment and Climate Change, Regional Dust, Energy, among others. This strategic alignment ensures that collaborative efforts address pressing challenges and contribute meaningfully to scientific advancement.

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