ECOSF partnered with BTBU, CAREC Institute and BAST to host Symposium on China-Central Asia cooperation in Digital Economy Innovation Governance

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Beijing, July 05, 2023 the Beijing Technology Business University (BTBU) in collaboration with ECOSF, Beijing Association for Science and Technology (BAST) and CAREC Institute hosted a symposium on “China- Central Asia Cooperation on Digital Economy Innovation and Governance”.

The symposium was organized as part of the Global Digital Economy Conference 2023, themed “Data Driven Development, Intelligence Leading the Future,” which aimed to create a platform for exchanges and cooperation for the advancement of the global digital economy development landscape with a particular focus on the Central Asia.

Prof. Seyed Komail Tayebi, President ECOSF was invited as the keynote speaker as ECOSF was one of the partner organizations in the Symposium. Prof. Tayebi emphasized the significance of digital innovation and governance in today's rapidly evolving world. Prof. Tayeb highlighted that as nations navigate through digital era, it is crucial to explore opportunities for collaboration, exchange experiences, and establish robust policy frameworks to harness the full potential of the digital economy, which is now a part of everyone’s real life. He underlined that this Forum serves as a platform to engage in dialogue and cooperation between China and the Central Asian countries, fostering innovation-driven development, inclusive economic growth, and sustainable development.

President Tayebi also underlined the strategic location of the ECO Member Countries, which makes them crucial partners in promoting economic integration, infrastructure development, and trade facilitation along the Belt and Road routes. By harnessing digital innovation and governance, we can leverage this potential to accelerate socio-economic growth and enhance regional cooperation within the ECO and Belt and Road region and beyond, Prof Tayebi concluded.


Prof. Tayebi also moderated one of the keynote speaker sessions in the symposium. Dr. Di Yuna, Associate Professor of the BTBU School of Economics and Management, and other reputable scholars — held an in-depth discussion during the thematic seminars on the potential, policies, and mechanisms of digital economic cooperation between China and Central Asia.

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