Education Innovations: Ecole 42 – a coding school in Paris with no teachers, no books and no tuition

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In this digital era, the use of modern ICT technologies has been ever increasing. With greater access to smart devices, our young generation and students are more digitally connected than ever before who are growing with internet. However, the learning and education system is not evolving in parallel at a rate with which these technologies are rocketing. It seems to be a concern that our educational system is still based on archaic model and lags behind many technological endeavors but our kids are well accustomed to make use of modern ICT tools. Thus in most cases the school education does provide the necessary skills that will shape our children for the future.

Ecole 42 is coding school in Paris that might be one of the most ambitious experiments in engineering education which aims to revolutionize the conventional mode of learning. Ecole 42 is an attempt to overhaul education system to adopt innovative learning and pedagogical techniques. This serves to engage the young students in a learning environment that empower them to learn and create their own syllabus. The school is the brainchild of Xavier Niel, a French billionaire Niel who is revered as one of the France’s great tech entrepreneur is innovating the education cycle. He is a serial entrepreneur who is always looking for the best and brightest talent. Since there are no teachers, it is up to students to figure things out. Everything is graded by peers. Students manage their time how they want and it is a totally a self-organized. Thus the learning is both project-based learning and peer-to-peer learning.

The school is 100% merit based: In the most recent batch of students, 64,000 took a basic online logic test to qualify for entry. More than 20,000 passed, but the school only accepted the top 3,000 due to space constraints. Those 3,000 compete in pools of 1,000 for a month to see who best completes the digital projects; the top third of performers are then admitted. a school built around collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication, and agency. This is a school for the future. This is how world is evolving and innovating its education landscape. We need to assess our needs accordingly and take decisive action as to what kind of future do we want for our children in ECO member states, including Pakistan.                                               

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