Efforts of ECO Science Foundation Lead to International Research Funding Prospects

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ECO Science Foundation initiated and patronized a collaboration between Pakistan and Tajikistan which led to signing of MoU (October 2015) between the Tajikistan Academy of Sciences (TAS) and International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) University of Karachi, Pakistan for mutual cooperation and collaboration for S&T activities. This initiative has led to a Joint research proposal titled “Biologically Active Compounds from the sour crude of Tajikistan for Pest control" submitted for funding to International Science and Technology Centre (ISTC) at Astana-Kazakhstan. The research proposed by the two parties will contribute significantly to the technical challenges relating to the study of physical, chemical and technological bases of complex processing of petroleum fields in Tajikistan specially refining of the HCC and development of available methods and technology of synthesis of biologically active substances for management of various pests of crops and animals. ECOSF encourages other ECO encourages other ECO member countries to go for joint research proposals for international funding.

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