ECOSF participated in the Global Policy Dialogue for Climate Action

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UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) is hosting a four-part series to discuss ways the world can place climate action at the heart of recovering better from the COVID-19 crisis. As part of UN DESA’s Global Policy Dialogues for Climate Action, a dialogue on “Strengthening Sustainable Forest and Ocean Management to Mitigate Climate Change” was organized on May 26, 2021. This session was organized in collaboration and support of UN-Forum on Forests and UN-Habitat.

This third session brought together leading voices in the fields of forest and ocean ecosystem restoration and management. On behalf of ECOSF, President Soomro participated in the virtual dialogue. Experts from the UN system discussed practical solutions and ways to reform these systems to minimize their effect on the environment, in the context of recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Cross-cutting issues such as financing, governance, gender, data and statistics were part of the discussion, as well as how the world can best make systemic transformations to a more sustainable world while leaving no one behind.

The climate journalist Nicholas Kusnetz of Inside Climate News moderated the discussions and number of leading experts in this area contributed to the dialogue.

Dialogue during the session centered around following thematic areas:

  • Restoration and sustainable management of forests help address the climate change and biodiversity crises
  • Mitigation strategies for the climate impacts on forests and forest recovery
  • Best practices programmes/projects that are leading the path to achieve reductions in emissions from deforestation. 

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