Report: High School Summer Science Research Program (HSSSRP) - 2017

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High School Summer Science Research Program (HSSSRP) was started in year 2013 to promote basic research and science at high school level. The basic idea behind HSSSRP is to expose off high school students to research methods and techniques during their summer vacations so that the scientific talent can be identified at early stage of their academic career. This annual programme is jointly run on voluntary basis by ECOSF, Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad Professor Bushra Mirza and Pakistan Society for Computational Science and Biology (PSCB).

The programme provides opportunity to the students to present their scientific research/projects. This year (2017), a large number of students participated in the programme but after rigorous evaluation, the following 10 projects were short listed. 



Name of Students

Schools and college name


Making bioplastic from banana peels


Shaikh Mahad Zaheer & Furqan Talib

IBA Community College Khairpur


Identification of blood group inside family  & importance in marriage and donation

Shumaila Solangi, Sofia Parveen Ujjan & Sadaf  Yameen

IBA Community College Naushahero Feroze


Comparison of effect of cigarette and e-cigarette on plant growth



IBA Community College Dadu


Waste water treatment process
(a science based project)

Sana Eraj, AljaJalbani &  Nida Memon

IBA Community College Naushahro Feroze


Analysis  of  carbohydrates  and proteins content from  different  brands  of  poultry  feed  using Uv-visible  spectrophotometer

Khalid Barkat, Asfand Ismail, Aqib Shah, Wasique Ali, Waseem Ahmed & Musavir Ali

IBA Community College Jacobabad



Tesla Coil

Sidra memon, Armish Noor & Sawera Khan

IBA Community College Dadu


Viral infections in human


Muhammad Atif


IBA Community College Jacobabad


Elimination of smog by using microbes


Alishba Amjad


Govt. Girls Public English High School


Role of Computer Science in Scientific Research

Hasan Farooq


Roots Schools



Potato canon

Syed Ahmed & Hassan Khan

IBA-Public School Sukkur 

For the final selection of top three teams, a ceremony was organized by ECOSF, PSCB and Sukkur IBA University (SIBAU) on 29 December 2017 at SIBAU.  During the ceremony, nine teams from Sindh and Punjab presented their innovative scientific projects. Keeping in view the set criteria, a three judge panel evaluated the projects/presentations. Following three projects were selected as top projects:

  1. Tesla Coil made by; Sidra Memon, Armish Noor and Sawera Khan from SIBAUCommunity College, Dadu.
  2. Identification of Blood Group inside family and importance in marriage and donation, prepared by ShumailaSolangi, Sofia ParveenUjjan and SadafYameen from SIBAUCommunity College NaushehroFeroz.
  3. Making Bioplastic from Banana Peels,  innovated by SIBAUCommunity College, Khairpur.

The top winner teams were awarded the prize money of Rs.25,000, 15,000 and 10,000 as 1st, 2ndand 3rdprizes respectively; whereas, the mentors of the winning teams were presented the shields. A consolation prize of Rs.5,000/- was also awarded to Hasan Farooq from Roots Schools Vehari for his project “Role of Computer Science in Scientific Research”. All the participants (students & mentors) were also presented certificates of participation. The prizes and certificates were distributed by the Registrar of SIBAU Engr. Zahid Hussain Khand.

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