High-Level Delegation from Kyrgyzstan Visits ECOSF to Strengthen Science and Technology Collaboration in the ECO Region

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A high-level delegation from the Kyrgyz Republic visited the ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) on August 31, 2023, to discuss and enhance collaboration in the field of science and technology within the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) region. The delegation was warmly received by Professor Seyed Komail Tayebi, President of ECOSF.


The distinguished delegation consisted of:

  1. E. Academician Mr. Kubanychbek Zhumaliev, Former Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  2. E. Mr. Ulanbek Totuiaev, Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to Pakistan.
  3. Damir Murataaly uulu, Assistant to the Ambassador.

During the visit, Professor Tayebi commended the Kyrgyz Republic for its significant contributions to the promotion of science and technology in the ECO region. He highlighted ECOSF's potential to support Kyrgyzstan as a vital member state and emphasized the Foundation's role in facilitating collaborations between universities, research institutions, and businesses across Kyrgyzstan and other ECO member states. This collaborative approach aims to bridge the gap between scientific research and practical applications, benefiting the entire ECO region. Prof. Tayebi called upon the delegation to follow up the ECOS ratification by Kyrgyz Republic.


Mr. Khalil Raza, the Programme Manager of ECOSF, provided the delegation with a detailed presentation outlining the ongoing programs and future initiatives of ECOSF to bolster Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) within the ECO region, with a particular focus on Kyrgyzstan. Mr. Raza also highlighted the Foundation's efforts in providing science education and training programs to Central Asian member countries, contributing to the development of a skilled STI workforce.

Both H.E. Academician Mr. Kubanychbek Zhumaliev and H.E. Ambassador Mr. Ulanbek Totuiaev expressed their deep appreciation for Professor Tayebi's leadership and ECOSF's vision in promoting STI within the ECO region. They reaffirmed their unwavering support for ECOSF's mission and committed to assisting the Foundation in reaching its full potential. The officials also stressed the importance placed by the Government of Kyrgyzstan on promoting science, technology, innovation, and economic integration within the ECO region, underscoring the necessity for comprehensive collaboration among academia, industry, and institutions like ECOSF.

The visit concluded with a gesture of gratitude from ECOSF. Professor Tayebi presented the ECOSF shields to H.E. Academician Mr. Kubanychbek Zhumaliev and H.E. Ambassador Mr. Ulanbek Totuiaev as a token of appreciation for their visit and support.

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