ECOSF participated in the Webinar on Hydrogen from Biomass organized by World Resource Institute

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World Resource Institute (WRI) hosted a webinar on “Hydrogen from Biomass” on January 18, 2022. The Webinar generated discussion and provided insights into availability of biomass, processes and technology for generating hydrogen, the technology readiness levels (TRL) and policy levers that can enable hydrogen generation from biomass.

The webinar explored specific pathways which would be helpful in evaluating the value chain of a biomass-based hydrogen production in the region. Many participants representing the government policymakers, academia, industry associations, farmers, and stakeholders in the renewable energy sector participated in the virtual event. On behalf of ECOSF, Engr. Khalil Raza participated in event.

Leading hydrogen experts delivered their talks on conversion technologies from biomass to hydrogen and highlighted the role of policy levers to create an enabling ecosystem for hydrogen production from biomass. Experts underscored that the countries with predominant agricultural base can leverage biomass from agriculture residue for producing hydrogen. This can also have other benefits like reduced air pollution (caused due to burning of the crop residues), reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emission, and increased farmer incomes.

Hydrogen produced from renewable sources is emission free and is considered a green fuel. One of the promising ways to produce this green hydrogen could be through biomass - a carbon neutral feedstock. Hence, hydrogen from biomass is an area which although nascent, holds great promise.

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