Biological Society of Pakistan and ECOSF organized the third International Conference on Biological Science at GC University, Lahore on May 9-11, 2018

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The Biological Society of Pakistan in Collaboration with ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) organized the three-day International Conference on Biosciences at Government College University Lahore from May 9-11, 2018 to deliberate upon challenges and latest scientific developments in biological sciences. The International Conference brought together eminent scientists from Canada, USA, UK, Turkey, Malaysia, Iran and China and as well as a large number of scientists and researcher all across from Pakistan. It is important to mention here that ECOSF sponsored the participation of senior biological and marine scientists from Iran and Turkey. On behalf of ECOSF, Engr. Khalil Raza Scientific Officer ECOSF participated in the first day of the conference.

The Vice Chancellor GC University Lahore Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah was the Chief Guest in the event. Prof. Shah highlighted the importance of Biological Sciences for combating future challenges, particularly in the health and agriculture sector in Pakistan. Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah stressed over the need for more investment in research and development in biological sciences and this was the only way forward for Pakistan. He directed the organisers to publish the proceedings of this conference and make potential use of the research finding. He also suggested to put forward the key findings and make practical recommendations for country’s agriculture policy makers.

Prof. Dr Syed SH Rizvi, Professor of Food Process Engineering at the Cornell University USA was the Keynote Speaker and the Guest of Honor in the event. He highlighted major threats and challenges to the world’s food security and sustainability, stressing that their future depends upon developing sustainable food systems which use less land and water. In his key note address at the inaugural, Prof. Rizvi said that agricultural productivity was not rising fast enough to sustainably feed the world in 2050. Professor Rizvi also underlined the immediate need for reducing food wastage in production processes, storage and human consumption through scientific innovations. “If the loss and waste are cut in half by 2050, the world would need to produce 22 percent less food to feed 9 billion people,” he added. Prof. Rizvi also shared that world’s food demand was estimated to be increased by 70 to 100 percent in the next three decades; 50 percent of the increase would be due to population growth to 9 billion, while other 50 percent would be due to changing dietary choices. Talking about the nutrition and health issues, Prof. Rizvi said that out of a world population of 7 billion, about 2 billion people were suffering micronutrient malnutrition which he called the hidden hunger, while 800 million suffer from calorie deficiency. He added that out of 667 million children under the age of five worldwide, about 159 million were too short of their age and 50 million didn’t weigh enough of their height.

President ECOSF Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro was invited to speak in the inaugural session. However, due to conflicting schedules of Prof. Soomro, he assigned Mr. Khalil Raza to read out his message to the audience. In his message, Prof. Dr Soomro appreciated the efforts of partners to come together to discuss and share the most recent innovations, trends, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of Biological Sciences. Prof. Soomro highlighted the importance of biological sciences and said it helps to support our national wealth. There is a need to continue our national commitment to the advanced biological sciences if we are to recognize opportunities and capture the rewards. We must utilize the emerging technologies for developing advance research application for bio-sciences and go beyond conventional methods of research in biological sciences. In his message, Prof. Soomro introduced ECOSF and highlighted that the Foundation supports events likes this and collaborative research. The Foundation promotes Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education, using Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) approach to strengthen the science base of future generations and the regional economy of ECO member states.


General Secretary of Biological Society of Pakistan, Prof Dr Ikram ul Haq appreciated the partners and leadership of ECOSF and GC University for their cooperation and support to the Biological Society of Pakistan in organizing the third International Conference on Biosciences. He gave the brief introduction of the conference to the audience. He shared that technical committee received a total of 251 research papers from Pakistan and abroad for this conference; out of which 100 would be presented in 17 difference technical sessions of the conference. During the Inaugural Session, BSP President Prof Dr Anwar Malik, GCU Institute of Industrial Biotechnology Chairman Prof Dr Hamid Mukhtar, Punjab Agriculture and Research Board Executive Member Dr Muhammad Younas also addressed the inaugural ceremony of the conference.


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