LAMAP Trainers and ECOSF Official visited the Iranian Schools and observed the IBSE in Action

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A delegation of La main a la pate (LAMAP) France Trainers (Ms. Anne Goube and Ms. Albine Courdent) and ECOSF Official (Mr. Ghulam Abbas- ECOSF Coordinator for IBSE) paid a visit to the Iranian elementary schools on 24 Nov 2018 in Isfahan - Iran. Official IBSE Coordinator of Ministry of Education of Iran (Dr. Hassan Hazarkhani) also accompanied the delegation. During the visit, the officials met with the teachers and management of the schools and reviewed the curriculum and activities being taught in the schools. First visit was paid to the boys’ school and the 4th class was observed wherein an activity of electronics was undergoing. After the boys’ school, the officials went to girls schools and observed the 5th class. During the class, an activity to learn the body parts specially the arm and its movement was being undertaking. The LAMAP trainers were very much happy about the teaching methodology being implemented in schools which was about 80% on IBSE methodology. The LAMAP trainers remarked that a small training is required to polish the teaching methodology of the school teachers and the rest is going fine.

In response to the question by the delegation whether the IBSE methodology in all schools of Iran is implemented the same way, it was responded by the management of school and official of Ministry of Education that the teaching methodology is being changed slowly and gradually and it will take time to implement IBSE throughout the country.

It is pertinent to mention that the delegation was in Isfahan for 2nd round of capacity building on IBSE. Following are some pictures of the school visits:

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