International Webinar: Locust invasion - Challenges and the Future of Food and Agriculture

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At this time many countries are battling the challenges of locusts surveillance and control operations. The worst locust outbreak in decades has devastated the agriculture crops and pastures.

The country is still recovering from drought and havoc flooding. This latest blow could lead to "major food security issues.

YPARD Pakistan and ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) with the collaboration of other co-organizing partners, are calling an online forum to discuss the current situation.

This webinar is part of the series of webinars that will be conducted for the locust in curbing challenges for #FoodSecurity in the region.

Event Type: Online Event - Web-conference

Extension/Duration: 1 Day for 2 hours

Dates and Time: Monday, June 01-2020 4:00pm - 6:00pm (Pakistan Time )

AGENDA: Challenges of locusts surveillance and control operations

Hosted by:

Shahla Salah, YPARD Country Representative

Abhishek Khadka, YPARD Asia and Pacific Group


Event Moderator: Alpha Sennon - Managing Director - WhyFarm

Partners Organizations:

YPARD Pakistan & ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF)


Co-organizing Partners:

1- Pakistan Agricultural Research Council

2- Ministry Of National Food Security and Research Pakistan

3- YPARD Asia & Pacific Group

4- WhyFarm Agricultural Organization


Honorable Chief Guest Speaker:

Prof. Dr. Manzoor Soomro


ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF)


Outstanding Speakers:

1- Dr. Muhammad Ishaque Mastoi

National Coordinator (Plant Protection)

Pakistan Agricultural Research Council


2- Ganesh Chandra Shrotriya


Green TV - India


3- Dr. Falak Naz

Advisor & Director General - Department of Plant ProtectionMinistry Of National Food Security and Research Pakistan


4- Dr Syed Waseem ul Hassan

Food Security Commissioner

Ministry Of National Food Security and Research Pakistan


5- Patrick Kamulegeya

Agricultural Inspector, pest/ disease control

Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF)


6- Prof Dr. Shashi Vemuri

Advisor & General Secretary

FAST (foundation for agriculturally sustainable transformations)


Join the Forum:

Zoom Webinar ID: 815-6737-8587





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