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President ECOSF visited Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan and held a meeting with Deputy Head of Humanitarian and Social Department

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While in Baku for for attending International conference on understanding the problems of Inland Waters: Case Study for Caspian Basin from 10-15 May 2018. President ECOSF visited Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Azerbaijan on 11 May 2018 and held meeting with Mr. Hamid Nasibov, Deputy of Head of Humanitarian an Social Department of the Ministry. President Soomro briefly introduced history and aims and objectives of ECOSF to Mr. Nasibov and apprised him about the ongoing and future activities of the Foundation. Prof. Soomro also mentioned that so far, the Charter and its Additional Protocol of ECOSF have not been ratified by Azerbaijan and requested the Ministry to complete the process of ratification so that Azerbaijan may be fully benefited from the programmes of the Foundation.

Mr. Nasibov was very welcoming and appreciated the diverse and programmes of the Foundation. He also found ECOSF a very important regional scientific organization. He said that the ratification of ECOSF Charter and its Additional Protocol is very much important to strengthen the Foundation to work liberally and assured to complete the process of ratification soonest possible. During the meeting, Ms. Gunay Rahimova, First Secretary, MFA, Mr. Elnur Safarov, Scientific Researcher of ANAS and Ms. Zarifa Aliyeva, Deputy Head of International Cooperation of ANAS were also present.

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