ECOSF and Islamic Azad University, Iran discussed ways to strengthen scientific and technical collaboration

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President ECOSF Prof. Tayebi held a meeting with Professor Dr. Dorakshah', Vice Chancellor for International Affairs and Foreign Students of Islamic Azad University in Tehran on February 21, 2023 . The purpose of the meeting was to explore opportunities for collaboration in Science and Technology between ECOSF and Islamic Azad University.

During the meeting, both sides discussed the potential areas of collaboration and the ways to work together. President ECOSF Prof. Tayebi highlighted the importance of strengthening cooperation in Science and Technology among ECO Member Countries and emphasized that Azad University can play a crucial role in achieving this objective.

Pror. Dorakshah expressed his interest in working with ECOSF and appreciated the efforts of the Foundation to promote Science and Technology in the ECO region. He added a team from his institution headed by himself will visit Pakistan in the new future, to discuss cooperation with Pakistan universities and scientific centers.

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