ECOSF and Kharazmi University discussed strengthening ties on Science, Technology and Innovation

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President ECOSF Prof. Seyed Komail Tayebi held a meeting with Prof. Dr. Ali Hasanbeigi, the President of Kharazmi University in Tehran, Iran. The main agenda of the meeting was to explore opportunities for collaboration in the field of Science and Technology between Kharazmi University and ECOSF.

During the meeting, President Tayebi discussed the importance of enhancing scientific cooperation among the ECO member countries and the need for establishing more partnerships with academic and research institutions to achieve this goal.

Prof. Hasanbeigi appreciated the efforts of ECOSF in promoting Science and Technology in the ECO region and expressed his high interest in collaborating with ECOSF. He pointed out the University affords academic and scientific possibilities to share and collaborate with the universities, scientific centers and technology parks in the ECO region.

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