AETDEW President and Team meet the Director of International Cooperation Centre of NDRC of China

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President of the Academy of Engineering and Technology of the Developing World (AETDEW) Dato (Ir.) Dr. Lee Yee Cheong and his team; Prof. Manzoor H. Soomro President ECOSF (Founding Fellow and Council Member), Prof. Zhong, XiYin of the Beijing University of Post and Communication (BUPT) and Prof. Han, Liquin from Beijing, both Fellows of AETDEW, met the Director of Silk Road International Production Capacity Cooperation Promotion Center/International Cooperation Center (ICC) of the National Development and Reforms Commission (NDRC) Mr. Yangjun Xie in his office on 19 December 2017.

Purpose of the meeting was to further discuss the collaboration between AETDEW and ICC NDRC for promotion of Infrastructure Repair and Maintenance and capacity building of local Engineers and Technicians along the One Belt One Road, in continuation of AETDEW meetings with ICC NDRC in July and September 2017. AETDEW had in July shared MoU with ICC NDRC for the proposed collaboration.

Mr. Yangjun Xie welcomed the AETDEW Team and gave a presentation on Belt & Road infrastructure development and ongoing projects. He apprised the delegates of various programmes for promoting International University students in China and provide the foreign students with scholarships. Currently 6 million international students are studying in china, he said! He also shared their upcoming conference which will be held on 27 Dec, 2017 addressing the universities in Beijing as to what strategies should be opted in teaching the foreign students from OBOR states considering they all have different backgrounds. The above mentioned conference was aimed at engaging entrepreneurs, as well as the public and private universities to come together for talent alliance, which was well appreciated by the visiting officials.

Regarding the under consideration MoU, Mr. Xie said that the proposal should have specific goals and programmes to be clear. The AETDEW will further work on the MoU and share with NDRC ICC in due course of time. It is pertinent to mention that ECOSF is partner in this project of AETDEW and ICC-NDRC in the ECO Region.

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