Thailand NSM-IAP SEP International Forum on “Science Literacy through National Museums of ASEAN Countries” during the National Science and Technology Fair 2018, 16-26 August

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The National Science Museum (NSM) of Thailand in Bangkok and Inter Academy Partnership Science Education Program (IAP SEP) with the support of Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand organized an Exclusive Forum entitled; “Promoting Science Literacy through National Museums of ASEAN Countries” as a part of the National Science and Technology Fair 2018 from 16-26 August. The Forum was held on 25 -26 August 2018 at Impact Exhibition and Convention Centre, Nonthaburi, Bangkok, Thailand.

The aim of this Forum was to discuss the possibilities of the collaboration between science museum/centers and the national museums in the promotion of science literacy for the sustainable development for the whole community in ASEAN countries and beyond under the aegis of IAP SEP.

Prof. Dr. Soranit Siltham, Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Science and Technology, Thailand opened the Forum and congratulated the organizers, where he shared the importance of Science and Technology through Science Museums in ASEAN Countries.

Prof Rawin Ravingse President National Science Museum delivered his welcome remarks in the opening ceremony. Prof. Ravings greeted the participants and highlight the importance of promoting Science through interactive learning.  

Dato Lee Cheong Chairman of the IAP SEP Global Council and Honorary Chair of Governing Board International Science, Technology, and Innovation Centre for South-South Cooperation, Malaysia shared the objectives of the forum. Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro, President, ECO Science Foundation who is also the member of Global Council of IAP SEP participated in the forum as an invited guest discussant.

Later the participants of the Forum visited the National Science and Technology Fair 2018, the fair is an annual special event put together by the NSM and Ministry of Science and Technology to promote and foster public interests in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI). The Fair highlighted the latest innovations in STI along with several exhibitions and interactive activities.  The objectives of the fair were to inspire young students to see the importance of science and technology, encourage them to think scientifically and to learn how to use and manage technology wisely. One of the highlights of the event among many, was a cave exhibition which featured survival innovations to rescue stranded people in the context of recent Cave-stranded football team of Thailand. Apart from the cave exhibitions, there were also the displays in honor of the Father of Thai technology and innovation, and an astronomy exhibition featuring images with multimedia aspects, demonstrating rare astronomical phenomena from all over the world as part of 150 years celebration of their King Rama-IV of Siam (Thailand), who had predicted a full solar eclipse two months in advance. The fair also included many interesting scientific experiments and activities to promote creativity and solutions based on science and technology. 

It is pertinent to mention that the National Science and Technology fair 2018 was the biggest fair of the year in Science, Technology and Innovation during the occasion of National Science Week in Thailand. The Fair attracted more than a million visitors including children, parents and youth who actively participated in the exhibition.

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