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President ECOSF meets the Rector of Baku Engineering University on 12 May 2018

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While in Baku, President ECOSF Professor Manzoor Soomro met the Rector of the Baku Engineering University (BEU) on 12 May 2018. Purpose of the meeting was to better understand the accreditation of engineering qualification in Azerbaijan and to sensitise the Engineering University leadership on the importance of Standardisation of Engineering Qualification and of having a National Institute of Engineers or Engineering Council in Azerbaijan. President ECOSF explained the on-going efforts of ECOSF in this respect in collaboration with UNESCO any FEIAP.

The Rector appreciated the efforts of the Foundation and agreed to prepare a status paper to be shared with ECOSF for consideration of next action. The Rector however requested for sharing the structure and legal status of Pakistan Engineering Council for study by him and other colleague Rectors and with Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan to convince the Government of Azerbaijan for an Engineering Accreditation body/Institute, which was agreed by the President ECOSF. On the part of BEU, Dr. Yadullah Babayev was declared to liaise with ECOSF; he had coordinated the meeting and was present during the discussion. The Rector then presented a BEU souvenir to President ECOSF.

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