President ECOSF Explored Robotics and Tech-Innovation Centers in Zhongguancun Science City in Beijing

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Beijing, July 07, 2023 - President ECOSF, Prof. Seyed Komail Tayebi visited the Zhongguancun Robotic Innovation Center and City Brain Exhibition and Experience Center in Haidian (Zhongguancun Science City), Beijing. The visit was organized by the Embassy of Pakistan in China, with Mr. Khan Mohammed Vazir, Counsellor of Technical Affairs at the Pakistan Embassy, accompanying President ECOSF.

During the visit, President ECOSF had the opportunity to explore the exhibits and innovation centers, gaining insights into the latest advancements in robotics and smart city technologies. The visit aimed to foster knowledge exchange and explore potential areas of collaboration between ECOSF and the innovation centers.

Following the exhibition visit, President ECOSF and Mr. Khan Mohammed Vazir attended a meeting hosted by Mr. Liu Jinjin, Chairman of Zhonghai Investment and Zhongke Brain, at the Conference Room in Haidian Science and Technology Building. Chinese participants included representatives from Zhongguancun Belt and Road Industrial Promotion Association and ZhongHai Investment.

The meeting agenda featured an introduction to Zhongke Brain Company, followed by an exchange of ideas, discussions, and a working lunch. The discussions aimed to explore potential collaborations, share expertise, and establish a foundation for future cooperation in the areas of robotics, smart city technologies, and innovation.

President ECOSF expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to visit the innovation centers and engage in productive discussions. The visit and subsequent meeting highlighted the shared commitment to fostering technological advancements and promoting collaboration between China and the ECO Region.

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