SASTIW and ECOSF Collaboration begins with Water in Focus - December 15, 2015

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The Secretariat for the Advancement of Science and Technology in Islamic World (SASTIW) is a centre for enhancing cooperation between scientists and scholars in the Islamic world and across the globe. SATIW was established at the University of Tehran after the first International Congress on "The Advancement of Science and Technology in the Islamic World" was held in Tehran in 1992. SASTIW seeks to advance science and innovation as well as scientific cooperation throughout the Islamic World.

On Tuesday, 15 December 2015, SASTIW held a meeting of its Scientific Council to discuss the plan of a Water Summit planned on 2-3 March 2016 in Tehran; wherein, the ECO Science Foundation has joined as partner of SASTIW. President ECOSF Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro also attended the meeting as member of the Scientific Council. The Members of the scientific council of SASTIW include University of Tehran Vice President for Research, Vice President for International Affairs, Vice President for Planning and Information Technology, Dean of the College of Engineering of the University of Tehran, Dr. Mohammad Ali Mousavi (University of Tehran Professor and Advisor to the Minister of Economics and Financial Affairs) and Prof. Dr. Ali Akbar Moosavi-Movahedi (Dean of the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics and Secretary General of SASTIW), Dr. Mohammad Hossain Sarrafzadeh (University of Tehran Professor and Executive Secretary of the Summit on Health and Lifestyle: Water, Sustainable Development and Healthy Life), and Dr. Alavipanah, a Professor at University of Tehran and Executive Secretary of the Summit on Health and Lifestyle, and Threats of Soil Erosion.



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President ECOSF with SASTIW team

The meeting began with introduction of SASTIW by Dr. Moosavi-Movahedi, who explained about the First Congress on the Advancement of Science and Technology in the Islamic World that was held in 1993. He then explained about the Second Congress which will be held in the form of three international summits under the theme of Health and Lifestyle. The summits on Culture and Cyberspace, Water and Sustainable development and Healthy Life, and Threats of Soil Erosion will host prominent Muslim scholars from around the world as well as some internationally renowned non-Muslim scholars in January, March, and May 2016 respectively. The main objectives of the three summits are to propose policies to policy-makers in the Middle East and the Islamic World on the topic of each summit.

Dr. Soomro suggested for contacting UNESCO Science Bureau for Asia and the Pacific at Jakarta as well as Islamic Development Bank to seek support for the upcoming summits. He also added that ECOSF has approved the financial support for the Summit on Water and Sustainable Development and expressed the possibility of ECOSF’s support for the summit on Soil Erosion. Dr. Soomro held that the scholars who are also involved in policy-making in their country should be prioritized for the invitation to the summits. He also accepted Dr. Sarrafzadeh’s invitation to attend the Summit on Water and Sustainable Development and deliver a speech on the relevant topics of the summit.

The meeting was a great step towards furthering collaboration between ECOSF and SASTIW to conduct activities in line with the objectives of sustainable development.

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