Online Maker Summer Camp - 2021

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Pakistan Science Club (PSC) and ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) have been organizing multiple Summer Science Camps for students and children every year during summer vacations through engaging in various scientific activities and projects. Last year (2020), COVID-19 pandemic suddenly erupted in the world which brought heavy challenges in education sector. The education institutes in world went into the shutdown and children confined in their homes; resultantly, their education suffered. Keeping in view the situation, Online Summer Camp was planned and the scientific activities were arranged at the homes. Along with the children and students, their family members were also invited to join, thus, the first-ever online Family STEM Summer Camp was arranged successfully. It was not only fun learning and engaging experience for kids of different age groups but adults and parents/guardians also enjoyed with their children. Nine online camps from April 2020 to January 2021 were conducted; each with a duration of 15 days and 8 hands-on projects. Students of age group 8-14years accompanied by their parents and guardians were enrolled.

As the pandemic has continued, this year, Online Maker Summer Camp-2021 has also been arranged by PSC and ECOSF; wherein, children, students and family members are being invited to join. The camp is based on an awe-inspiring theme of “Electricity and Magnetism”. Young makers will have interactive sessions on how to generate electricity, the relation between electricity and magnetism, and its wonderful applications. There will be step by step how-to-do guidance and conceptual explanations from the experts. 

1st Batch:  1st Batch was organized from June 12 to July 3, 2021. The projects included in the batch were Anti-gravity pencil, Electrical motor, Automatic Swing, Electricity Magic “Tesla Coil”, Shake Generator, The Electric Telegraph & Morse Code, and Summer Special Project Mini Air Cooler.

Total of 50 families were registered and around 25 families participated from different parts of Pakistan and also from Saudi Arabia in the 1st Batch. Around 3 to 4 members of each family were present.

Following are the glimpse of 1st Batch:

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