Summer Science Camp - 2018

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The Summer Science Camp – 2018 is being organized by Pakistan Science Club in collaboration with ECO Science Foundation from May 17 – June 9 and June 25 – July 18 in Karachi. The Camp will provide an opportunity to students to learn, devise and explore about different scientific happenings by doing hands-on activities and projects. Students will get opportunity to have a range of experiences from conducting biology experiments to create very own robots.

Features of Summer Camp

  • There will be three groups i.e. Group Curious Scientists and Group Inventor Robotic Scientist
  • Will add-on to the 21st century skills.
  • Specially designed Inventor Box for individual camper.
  • Scholarships for the deserving students.
  • The camp will cover the areas of Biology, Chemistry (Demonstration only), Physics and Robotics.

Group Curious Scientist (Age 6-8)

This group will incorporate the children from Age 6-8. The campers will explore about the laws of science and their implementations in routine life, learn hands-on skills and design their projects. The activities are outlined to develop fundamental understanding of children regarding Energy and its conversion, Architecture making and Basic Robotics.

Group Inventor (Age 9-11)

The group will comprises of the children from Age 9-11. The activities will help to develop the basic concepts of science, engineering, basic robotics along with their laws and applications. The activities will not only beneficial in developing hands-on skills but also in understanding the applications of science in routine life

Robotic Scientists (Age 12- 16)

The group will comprises of the children from Age 12-16. Campers will understand basic assembling and mechanical structure of robot, they will recognize code as a language people use to communicate with machines in the form of step-by step instructions. Students will explore how robots follow an ordered and create a simple algorithm that a robot can follow to complete a desired task.


Last Date of Registration: 10th May 2018.

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