3-day Workshop on Techno-Parks: Opportunity to Seize a level of Competitiveness (30 Jan - 1 Feb, 2018) CIIT, Islamabad

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Three day International Workshop on “Technoparks: Opportunity to Seize a Lever of Competitiveness” is jointly being organized by Ministry of Science and Technology of Pakistan; COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), Islamabad; ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF); Inter-Islamic Network of Science Technology Parks (INSTP), Iran; OIC Ministerial Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH) and Islamic Development Bank (IDB) at CIIT, Islamabad on 30th January to 1st February 2018.

The Workshop aims to introduce the concept of Techno-parks to most relevant stakeholders. The main objective of the Workshop is developing capability of the participants to understand and possibly develop a draft concept of a Techno-park, keeping in view the issues around the establishment as well as the impact of Technoparks to the overall technology entrepreneurship environment, also participants will be acquainted with the challenge of building competitiveness amid globalization and rapid technological change, learning from regional examples. The specific objectives of the sessions include:

  • To raise understanding of the participants on Technoparks, including their policy concept, key elements and implementation roadmaps;
  • To explore an enabling framework for Technoparks for enhancing the national technological capacities; and
  • To provide a platform for researchers, policy planners, STP managers and administrators involved in the Technopark policy planning and implementation to share experiences and ideas.

The following are few of the major focus areas of the Workshop:

  • The Concept of Techno-parks;
    • What is a Techno-park?
    • Why and by whom is it developed?
    • What are its main functions?
    • What is the importance of a Techno-park?
    • What are its implementation strategies?
    • What is benefit to the national economy?
  • Other Complementary Concepts;
  • Competitive advantage that Technoparks foster;
  • Impact of Technoparks on Entrepreneurship;
  • How to foster start-ups and business transfer within a Technopark;
  • Learning from best regional practices in Technoparks
  • Initiating a draft concept of a Technopark

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