A Turkish delegation called upon President ECOSF

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A Turkish delegation comprising of Prof. Munir OZTURK Professor of Plant Sciences at Ege University, Ismir Turkey and Prof. Mustafa ERGUN Executive Director of Inter-Islamic S&T Network on Oceanography (INOC) under COMSTECH along with President of Pakistan Academy of Sciences and Advisor Science COMSTECH Prof. Qasim Jan met President ECOSF in his office and discussed various projects being supported/collaborated by ECOSF in ECO Region. The delegation discussed the strengthening research and development capacity amongst the common members of COMSTECH and ECOSF. The delegation also looked at some of the modalities of upcoming International Conference on “Understanding of the Problems of the Inland Waters: Special Case of the Caspian Region”. This conference is being supported by COMSTECH and ECOSF, and it is scheduled to take place on May 12-14, 2018 in Baku Azerbaijan.

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