PCRWR and ECOSF along with their supporting partners celeberated the World Water Day – 2018 with the theme “Nature for Water”

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The World Water Day – 2018 with the theme “Nature for Water” was celebrated at Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) on 20 March 2018. The event was organized by PCRWR and ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) along with its other supporting partners i.e., ICIMOD, ECOSF, CCRD, UNESCO and Riphah International University. The event provided a platform for exchange of experiences and initiate a dialogue to address water related challenges, issues and its significance on our lives.

A panel discussion of the experts was also conducted who sensitized the importance of water through a healthy debate. Engr. Khalil Raza, Science Officer of ECOSF also took part in the panel discussion on behalf of ECOSF. Mr. Khalil emphasized the importance of science education, especially the Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) and its applications to address one of the most complex global challenges, including water crisis. The 21st century challenges, such as climate change, water crisis, energy and food security all are scientific in nature. If the general public is not equipped well enough to deal with scientific ideas and the underlying scientific principles, it will be nearly impossible to respond to these challenges, he added. He underscored that ECOSF is committed to promote science education at the grass root level through its different programmes to educate the children about the seriousness of the matter and take remedial measures to mitigate the possible threat of water scarcity in the future.

During the event, a poster competition related to the theme was also arranged among the students to create awareness among the youth about the water, whereby, the winning teams were awarded with 1st, 2nd and 3rd shields.

The World Water Day is celebrated with a specific aspect of water throughout the World every year on 22nd March 2018. Under the theme ‘Nature for Water’, the year 2018 provides an important opportunity of exploring nature based solutions for various water challenges. This theme is closely linked with Sustainable Development Goal 6 “ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all by 2030” which explicitly talks to halve the proportion of untreated wastewater and increase water recycling and safe reuse.

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